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The school inculcates scientific temper in each student through exploration, observation and discovery. Science as a stream of study is introduced for Senior Classes in a wide ranging programme covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology. It provides students with a scientific approach to advanced studies, and the students are exposed to the latest developments by regular visits to Science and Research Centers. The Science laboratories form the soul of the study in the sciences. It is that nourishment to the in-depth experience & understanding of the subject that gives completeness to the faculty. The students and teachers both daily conduct experiments to explore, observe, discover & even invent at their own levels.

Physics Lab

Physics Lab

Physics lab is located on the ground floor. It is carefully designed and well equipped with modern gadgets. It caters to the needs of the students as per the revised syllabus. A complete power back-up has been provided.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is conveniently located on the ground floor to enhance the power of work. It has ample capacity to enable at least 25-30 students at a time to make use of its facilities that are provided with ease and comfort. A lab assistant, well qualified, is there to look into the needs of the students & teachers and for the care of the lab. Various charts on the basic elements & chemical as well as chemical reactions are displayed on the lab walls. A separate balance room has been provided to the students to work in all accuracy.

Biology Lab

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is well set in an exclusive corner of the first floor magnificently. It has a new series of specimens and charts along with the necessary equipments. A life-size skeleton is also on display. It is technically well devised for an upgraded and updated learning.

Computer Lab

In this technological period, the computer laboratory at the school, provides an appropriate platform to the students to be proficient in handling technology. The Computer Laboratory is used not just to hone the skills of computer geeks, but also provide an exposure to the novices. The School has two hi-tech Computer Labs. The lab is equipped with multimedia PC's and with a leased line internet connection.

The lab is equipped to train students in operating office packages, animation, audio, and digital designing software. The teachers also get to use the facilities to learn and design their presentations for students.

Computer Lab
Mind Power Lab

Mind Power Lab

"Research shows that the brain is a plastic organ and is hugely influenced by how we use it."

Mind Power Lab helps the students to unlock the latent power in their minds. It helps in sharpening the brain and focus of the students. The students thus learn to reflect the ability to think logically, critically and create magic. The Mind Power games help the students to eradicate negative thoughts and triggers the neurons of mind in numerous ways thus activating the hidden abilities of mind.


"A sound mind dwells in a sound body."

Playing is essential not only for physical fitness and ultimate pleasure, but also for developing the necessary poise, perseverance, patience and team spirit. Sports and games play a crucial role in holistic development of a child. At the school, sports are seen as a necessary component for an all round development of the students, hence our students take part in an array of sports for enjoyment, relaxation and balanced physical development.

Classes for Yoga and Meditation for the enhancement of concentration and self control are also being conducted. The school has a well maintained Skating track in the play field. Professional and experienced coaches for Skating, Cricket, Yoga, Karate, Athletics, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball & other games, guide the students. As a matter of fact, the school always motivates students for the sparkling achievement, who have always kept the flag of the school high in every sports meet



Books open up an entire world of stories, imagination, and wonder! Reading adds value to life, exercises the brain, and hone a child's critical thinking abilities, which is why we emphasize inculcating reading habits in our children. Our Library Programme encourages inquisitiveness in children and has been designed to meticulously ingrain reading habits in them by exposing them to a wide range of genres, allowing them to experience each in a balance and discover their favourite. The best part about library is that it provides one with ample choice ranging from periodicals, journals (both national and international), major magazines for ready reference to the latest novels.

Both the junior and senior libraries have computerized issuing system. It also has a Study Centre. Activities like Book Clubs, Writers' Forum, Literary Clubs and Book Fairs are frequently organized by the school to foster and inculcate love for reading. Through various interesting follow up activities, fun sheets, narration, bookmark making, poster making, and various competitions, the child is hooked to reading more and more, hence learns to express critically what they have comprehended.

3D Lab

The School has 3D Science Lab to view science concepts which has made a tremendous difference to the student's learning. It is extensively used by the teachers during regular classroom teaching. The 3D learning experience gives a chance to grab at thin air and pull back from objects that appears to be zooming straight at them. In a nut shell with 3D laboratory, the student becomes an inseparable indulged part of the subject.

Infirmary/3D Lab
Art & Craft

Art & Craft

There is no doubt that Art & Craft involve fun activities for children. Be it colouring with crayons or making miniature statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami or designing a handmade birthday card, there are several arts and crafts activities, which can enhance the interest of the children and exploit their artistic potential.

Art & Craft is a subject in the school curriculum. By introducing Art & Craft to the students and involving them in such activities in school, we help in building their cognitive, physical, and social development.

Smart Class

E-learning is accorded top priority. This helps students schooling with us to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern day living. Smart Boards have been installed in classes so that teachers can supplement the classroom teaching with audio visual display systems which helps children learn much faster. Such learning through audio visual aids is better absorbed, since abstract concepts are given particular shapes & colours.

Infirmary/Smart Class

Yoga Room

The Yoga room with its soothing ambience and well matted floor enables students to gain coordination of mind, body and soul. Professional guidance by trained instructors helps students rejuvenate themselves every day.

Theatre Room

The theatre showcases a stimulating blend of cultural diversity, intellectual rigor and wholesome experience for the students, serves as an indispensable tool in teaching-learning. Students experiment with various theatrical expressions such as monologue, soliloquy, extempore, mime, street plays and role plays. Theatre room is profusely used in building self-worth and confidence.


Dance Room

Dance is an ideal means of communication to express what is too deep, too fine for words. Lovelities, learn to choreograph and are made conversant with various Indian and Western dance forms like Indian Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa and these are some of the most eagerly awaited moments for self expression and the students can be seen enjoying to the hilt. Lessons in Indian and Western music generate rich cross cultural exposure and sensitize the students to this fine art. The Department of Music and Dance is committed to excellence, innovation, learning in action, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to bridge dance practice and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry. As a trained faculty, we bring a challenging range of perspectives to our teaching and research, and continually re-examine our curriculum in order to prepare both young and mature aspirants for careers in the ever-evolving field of Performing Arts.

Digital Classrooms

Dull classrooms with just furniture and a blackboard is not what you will see in our classrooms. The classrooms are designed in a way that fosters excellence and motivates students towards better performance. Each classroom is aesthetically designed and integrated with smart boards to make both the learning and teaching interactive. With technological support, our skilled teachers provide guidance to each individual.


Conference Hall

The school has an aesthetically appealing and spacious Conference Hall reverberating with ideas during knowledge sharing and brainstorming sessions, parents and staff meetings, debates, workshops, and seminars. The Hall is used as a venue for a variety of activities, ranging from educational and careers based seminars and lectures, book exhibitions, to creative and fun activities. The raised stage area allows guests to offer presentations and speeches and is used for visiting lecturers. Equipment including a laptop with internet access, a projector, a DVD and video player is provided to support educational activities. In addition, these facilities are made available to classes during the academic year so students can develop their presentation and oral skills in professional surroundings. With specialized lighting, the area also acts as a permanent exhibition area for student artwork.